do you have... do you have...
Whatever your need, it couldn't be simpler than to work with
Birch Multimedia.
Ideas to convey? Do you have a difficult idea to get across? Maybe it's technical, maybe it's theoretical, or maybe it's neither and it's simply hard to express... but you need others to grasp it. Well, that's where I come in.
A product to sell? Information for sales teams, or advertising to end users - animation injects humour & style into your product launches, and gets people on side with new lines. International messages can be easily customised to suit local markets, without expensive and clumsy overdubbing and subtitles.
A service to provide? What is unique about your business? If you struggle to put it into words, struggle no longer. Let us create a visual identity to communicate why your customers want to do business with you, rather than your competitors.
Something to say? Campaign messages, educational resources or corporate presentations - animation simplifies and enlivens your content, making it quickly accessible to a wide range of users.
A story to tell? Storytelling personalises your content, making it memorable and powerful. Strong original character designs carry your brand effectively into print media, and help to create a relationship with your customers.
a step by step guide? Hands up who hates reading instructions? Animation helps you convey dry or complex text quickly and effectively by using images as a powerful shorthand that overcomes barriers of literacy and language.