Jon Birch is an independent multi media artist with almost 30 years professional experience. Animation Simple character design = affordable animation. I have made many animations over the years. Winning awards with Paperhorse (Yahoo Best New Website & People's Choice awards) for the creation of I have produced work for entertainment, education (producing hundreds of short animations for Scripture Union) and a few of my animated shorts are for sale at & there are many which can be viewed on YouTube. Simple character design = affordable animation! Simple character design = affordable animation! MUSIC production: I have worked for years as an independent record producer. Working with labels such as ICC, Kingsway, Serious Music & Proost among others. Recently I have co-written and produced anthems for The Special Olympics & The Transplant Games with Clyve for whom I am MD and Producer, working with him and his 12 piece soul band. Many tracks I've made have appeared on TV worldwide and have been put to such diverse uses as selling perfume in China to advertising a Stephen King series in the UK and everything in between. This year, tracks i've written & produced for The Tracy Boys will be used to advertise the new Mclaren P1 road car. I've lost count of how many albums I've made for others or for myself and these days I spend as much time making music and audio for my animations.
illustration: I have spent all of my creative career producing illustrations of one kind or another for a myriad different companies, organisations and publishers. It was illustration which developed my strong visual style, versatility & enjoyment of character design. It has been a great discipline for the animation that I was later to take up. My ASBO Jesus cartoon blog has had over 2 million visitors & the 10 minutes to make, very simple vector cartoons, have sparked many conversations over the years. JON BIRCH. Animator, illustrator, designer & music producer. JON BIRCH. Animator, illustrator, designer & music producer.
design: A strong sense of design underpins everything I do. Animation, Illustration & the many album covers I've made have benefited from a formal graphic design education and a wealth of design experience. If you need an all-rounder, I'm certainly that.